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The Process

The first step in organization…
Give me a call! During this complimentary consultation we will discuss the organizational areas you want to address.  Once we determine your needs, we will schedule an appointment at your home or office. Don’t straighten up! I want to see your space exactly as it is. This will help in identifying your most critical needs. We will discuss fees during this consultation. Fees are paid by cash or check at the end of each session.

Needs Assessment / Hands-On Organizing:
At our first session we will do a visual assessment of the area or areas you want to organize. We will then work together to develop a plan, based on your organizing style, that will help you achieve your goals. At this point, you can hire me as your organizer and we will begin our hands-on organizing or you may request a written action plan so you can do it yourself. A set fee will apply to the written action plan while an hourly rate applies for the hands-on organizing.

Follow-up Sessions:
I typically work in four hour segments; however, we can customize a plan that works within your busy schedule. Small projects may be accomplished in a single session while others require more time. It is best to schedule sessions for each project no more than a week apart to maximize motivation levels. If you have more than one project we can schedule those at intervals convenient for you.




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